A downloadable game for Windows

Simple, small game I made one morning. Click the squares as quickly as possible! Compete against you're friends, or try and beat my best score of 51! Gain a point for each successful click, but lose one if you miss.

This will probably be more fun on a touchscreen, but is untested.

Please tell me if you encounter any problems: @josh_kit_games (twitter)

Install instructions

  1. Download msi file
  2. Ignore any pop ups that say this file is dangerous (I promise it's not!)
  3. Double-click the file to open the installer
  4. Follow the instructions there
  5. You can find the exe file in Program Files --> Stabby Square --> main.exe
  6. You  might want to right click it and select move to desktop to create a shortcut


Stabby Square-1.0.1-win32.msi 8 MB

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